Building a Cashless Community

April 08, 2018

“Ang malas! Naiwan ko ulit wallet ko!” - Do you always forget your wallet at home? Don’t you get annoyed when the only payment schemes of an establishment is through bank deposit or cash? Worry no more! This is the cashless generation through GCash! You can now use your mobile phone as an e-wallet!

A GCash sticker on a door signifies that this a cashless establishment.

The company offers their ‘Scan to Pay’ feature via GCash QR as main mode of payment for dining, shopping and other services.
It only takes 4 easy steps for you to purchase:

  1. Click on ‘Pay QR’ button.

  2. Scan the QR code of the establishment.

  3. Enter the amount you wanted to pay for the service/s availed.
  4. Finally, confirm the payment.

Once these are done, you’ll be receiving an SMS that the payment is complete.
Isn’t it so cool and convenient??

Here in Builtable, we believe that through this cashless system ANYONE can purchase digitally. Whether you have or don’t have a credit card, just through your mobile phone, you have the power to purchase. Ultimately, it’s another platform that levels the playing field for small businesses and consumers.

But wait, there’s more! Until December 2018, all transactions using GCash will have a 10% cashback! 10%!!
For example, if you will avail our day rate coworking space, from 300 PHP it becomes 270 PHP!

Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s turn this country into a cashless community! Be part of this by visiting:

Don’t have a GCash account yet? Start here!

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