5 Tips on how to beat the Manila Traffic

June 24, 2018

People often compare the time spent in Manila’s Traffic is longer compared to travelling to Hongkong or Cebu by plane! This is one of the challenges that a working class Filipino experience in the metro of the Philippines.

Let’s face it, even if the “Build Build Build” program of the current administration is on it’s way; We can’t deny the fact , that right now, a lot of time is wasted on the road.

Here are 5 Tips on how to be more efficient and beat the Manila Traffic.

Renting a Dorm near Work


Whether you’re working in Taguig or Makati, there are a lot of affordable dorms that are rising. In 2017, Bloomberg released an article about this. SM Investments and Ayala Land is investing a lot of money on building dormitories/co-living which can serve up to 6000 people. Maybe It’s time to find a partner to share the dorm with.

Negotiating Work from Home from your boss

meeting with the boss

If you are working in an industry (like technology or Outsourcing) that doesn’t require you to be physically in the office; then you can surely negotiate with your boss to work from home. Just always remember to still deliver quality output at the end of the day!

And also recently, the government has also passed a bill on work from home! hopefully this becomes a law in time.

Getting a Home-Based job

work from home

But what if your boss doesn’t allow you to work from home? Then maybe you can consider on getting a home-based job. There’s a lot of demand just by looking job posts in different websites like remotestaff.com.ph, jobstreet.com.ph freelancer.ph and a lot more!

Cowork near your home

coworking space in manila

Not a fan of working from home? Having trouble focusing ? Coworking spaces has been popping up around Metro Manila. They provide flexible arrangements/price for shared spaces. Here are some of the top coworking spaces in Manila:

Makati City - ASPACE

coworking space in Makati

Taguig City - Acceler8 By Union Space

coworking space in Taguig

Pasig City - Loft.ph

coworking space in Pasig

Mandaluyong City - Builtable Coworking

coworking space in mandaluyong

Manila City - 933 MNL Coworking

coworking space in Manila City

Quezon City - Greatwork

coworking space in Quezon City

Work while you share a ride!

If you really love your job and would sacrifice a long travel time for it; You can always multi-task by working on the go! You can use Grab or Wunder and let them handle the driving while you do the working!

ride sharing

These are just some tips to be more efficient and beat the traffic, maybe you have any hacks just comment down below!
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