Workshops / 3D Modelling Session 1

3D Modelling Session 1 ₱ 3000

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TBA (To be announced)

Are you interested in creating your own 3D Model from scratch? Join us for 3 consecutive Saturdays as you learn basic, medium and advanced 3D modelling techniques!

PROGRAM(Basic 3D Modelling):

  1. Morning: a. 2D & 3D Sketching b. Using EXtrude,CUTextrude, fillet c. Shell & Rib chamfer
  2. Afternoon: a. Revolve, sweep and loft b. Linear, circular and mirror pattern c. 2D Part drawing


  1. Solidworks Software (To be installed during the workshop BUT to be UNINSTALLED after the workshop)
  2. Certificate Note: Lunch & Snacks NOT included.

Things to bring:

  1. Laptop with the following MUST HAVE specifications: a. Processor Intel Core i5, i7 or equivalent AMD with high processor speed b. Operation System: Windows 10, 8.1 x64 bit or 7 x64 bit c. Memory: 8GB or more d. Hard Drive: Standard or Solid State Drive(SSD) > 250GB e. Grapchics Cards: NVIDIA Quadro P (P600, P1000, P4000 series)/AMD Radeon Pro WX( WX3100, WX4100, WX5100) or higher
  2. Notebook with Ballpen or Pencil for taking down notes.

Sample Outputs of the Workshop:

3D Model

3D Model

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Location of workshop

We are searchable at Google Maps and Waze!
From MRT: Stop at MRT Shaw Blvd. Station, go down to the side of Starmall. It only takes a 5-minute walk!
Car Parking: Park at Starmall (5-minute walk), Park at Shangrila Mall (10-minute walk).