Workshops / Basic Resin Video of Ref Magnets

Basic Resin Video of Ref Magnets

Lead by Ross Dionisio

Learn how to make a personalized ref magnet design in polymer clay and reproduce it by creating your own mold using rubber mold and resin. This workshop is ideal for those who want to start a souvenir shop business.


  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to Prototype Design.
  3. Bring in more Details to your Prototype.
  4. Creating your Mold.
  5. First Layer of your Rubber Mold.
  6. Adding more Layers to your Rubber Mold.
  7. Finishing your Rubber Mold.
  8. Getting Started on Casting.
  9. Getting our Rubber Mold Ready.
  10. Using our Rubber Mold for Casting.
  11. Adding Color to your Ref Magnet!
  12. Finishing up your Ref Magnet Souvenir.


What you will get/learn in this Online Training:

Materials/ kit can be ordered seperately for 450 PHP + Shipping Cost

Full Access Instructions

  1. To access the full online training on Youtube, please pay the full amount.
  2. We will then get your email.
  3. This email will be use to access the online training in Youtube

Try it out! - 8. Getting Started on Casting.

Video is in Filipino, but will have english subtitles

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