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Chibi Clay Doll Making Workshop ₱ 2800

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February 02, 2019 - 01:00 PM to 06:00 PM

*Earlybird is until January 30, 2019

Come and join us in an afternoon filled with creativity, inspiration and fun!Be part of a workshop designed to help those with basic knowledge in Air-Dry / Polymer Clay Art, who are interested in learning skills and techniques to create a full body Chibi Doll using Air-Dry Clay (Cold Porcelain).

Rio Ramos Santor (Little Figures), an experienced polymer and air-dry clay craft artist known for her Chibi Doll (Mini Figurine) projects will lead this creative activity.

** Inclusive materials, tools, handouts, certificate and snacks

Pre-requisite : *Basic knowledge in Air-dry clay / Polymer Clay craft *With experience in making chibi dolls/figures

Workshop purpose : *Enhance skills in creating chibi doll through trainer’s techniques

Sample output of the workshop:

Clay art figurine

Other sample works of Little Figure Shop:

Clay art figurine

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