Workshops / Sandal Crafting (Men and Women)

Sandal Crafting (Men and Women)

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Learn to make your own hand made sandals for you to take home in just 3 hours! Risqué Designs is a Filipino lifestyle brand that brings forth modernity and luxury with its meticulously hand crafted artisan products. Risqué envisions a revival of traditional crafts to be competitive with global brands, thus fostering a surge in demand for age-old skills, such as loom-weaving, wood carving and shoe making. Join Tal, Founder of Risqué, as she leads this Sandal Crafting workshop!


PART I: Short Lecture (1 hour and 15 mins)

PART II: Workshop Proper (3 hours)

Sample output of the workshop:

handmade leathercraft sandals

handmade leathercraft sandals

handmade leathercraft sandals

This is a workshop from Builtable Coworking.
Builtable Coworking provides maker workshops in Manila, Philippines

Location of workshop

We are searchable at Google Maps and Waze!
From MRT: Stop at MRT Shaw Blvd. Station, go down to the side of Starmall. It only takes a 5-minute walk!
Car Parking: Park at Starmall (5-minute walk), Park at Shangrila Mall (10-minute walk).