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Woodcraft Furniture (Accent Table) ₱ 4990

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Join us as we guide you in making your own side table. Each student will be provided a kit containing tools and raw materials needed for the design. We will assist you as you manoeuvre power tools, hand tools and learn basic joinery techniques that will allow you to make a piece of furniture that you can take home.
About the Speaker: Kate Ngo
Dedicated to the creation of heirloom quality furniture made from select local hard woods, Kate Ngo - along with a dedicated team of craftmen, see to it that each furniture is made with as little unnatural mediums as possible. Instead of oils or paint, her team uses fire to darken - and vinegar to lighten wood whenever practicable; traditional joinery techniques instead of nails and screws to piece parts together. This way, nature’s process is respected, and each piece made can retain its quality for a long, long time.

    • Introduction to Basic Handtools and Powertools
    • Safety Precautions

    • Preparing a Cutting List
    • Use of Handtools and Powertools
    • Carving Basic Joineries
    • Assembly
    • Sanding and Finishing

Kit Inclusions:

  1. Cutting List and Handouts
  2. Raw Materials (Wooden Parts)
  3. Nails/ Screws
  4. Marking Pencil
  5. Wood Glue
  6. Sandpaper

Tools to be used(borrowed)

  1. Chisel
  2. Handsaw
  3. G or C-Clamp
  4. Rubber Mallet
  5. Combination Square/ Ruler
  6. Mortice Gauge
  7. Drill Press
  8. Electric Hand Drill
  9. Electric Sander
  10. Jigsaw

Sample Output of Workshop: Woodcraft Simple Side Table

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Location of workshop

We are searchable at Google Maps and Waze!
From MRT: Stop at MRT Shaw Blvd. Station, go down to the side of Starmall. It only takes a 5-minute walk!
Car Parking: Park at Starmall (5-minute walk), Park at Shangrila Mall (10-minute walk).